Benefits of Securitisations

The Luxembourg Securitisation Law is internationally recognised for its flexibility and legal certainty.

Clients require individualised securitisation platforms or need Compartments of an existing securitisation platform.

PSI Services SA is offering both. Our clients are being offered with fast set-ups of its own vehicles and we do have a robust network to Platforms for a short-term set-up of an individual Compartment.

The Luxembourg securitisation set-up ensures, that clients enjoy numerous advantages through the securitisation of their projects:

  • Conversion of illiquid assets into securities that can be held in custody accounts
  • Improving the ability to raise capital
  • Diversification of funding sources, investor base and transaction structures
  • Efficient access to capital markets
  • Absolute flexibility in the composition and management of the compartment strategy
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Lifecycle Management performed by recognised partners
  • Generation of a track record
  • Ringfencing and collateralisation according to the investor needs