Florian Würzer

Florian Würzer (*13 September 1980 in Leutkirch im Allgäu, Germany) is a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of PSI Services SA, a specialised back-office service provider for insolvency protected and bank independent securitisation platforms, based in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg. He has also been Head of Product Management for MEDIAN SERVICES (LUX) SA since 2017.

Education & Professional Career

After graduating from Wirtschaftsgymnasium in Wangen, a secondary school with emphasis on business, Florian Würzer trained to become a qualified banker and completed additional coursework as a financial assistant.

He began his career as a Private Client Advisor at a supra-regional bank before joining an Austrian bank, where he spent several years dealing precious metals and securities. He eventually held the positions of Product Manager Certificates and Commodities, as well as Analyst Portfolio Management until the summer of 2013. At the same time, Florian Würzer graduated in Business Administration in Berlin, with an emphasis on Finance and Management.

Florian Würzer began working as a Wealth and Financial Advisor in mid-2013 before joining a medium-sized company as Head of Operational and Strategic Purchasing.

Florian Würzer today

He returned to the financial services industry in the summer of 2017 as Head of Product Management at MEDIAN SERVICES (LUX) SA. He also became a Director and shareholder in PSI Services SA in July 2022. Both companies are back-office service specialists for Luxembourg-based bank-independent and insolvency-protected securitisation platforms.

Luxembourg, a small Western European country with its eponymous capital, remains one of the world’s most important and prominent financial centres, offering the maximum degree of flexibility and individually tailored, optimised solutions in investment and finance.